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Amazing and profound, By Kim Exon

The Chakra Sound System is amazing. I am awed by how quickly I am taken deep into a quieter settled state within myself. I call it instant meditation. I am breathing deeply, calm, clear, awake and alive. Each CD is different, stimulating different states. If I only had one system to align & realign myself, this is it. Highly recommended!

David Ison has been exploring how specific sounds/notes affect our states for many years. His pioneering work has uncovered some profound connections and all of his products deliver as stated. I am a fan of all that he has produced and am grateful for this newest in his stable of genius.


Best Meditation Device!, By Simba

I have a lot of meditation CD's and enjoy meditating often but this sound system has been by far the best. I listen to it night and day and it brings me serenity before work and before sleep. I love the content of the book as well. I would suggest this product to anyone who wants a little peace in their life.


Heart Activating!, By Shelley Darling

David Ison's Chakra Sound System, is a potent and profound experience that supports the expansion of our consciousness, while setting the tone for the heart to easily open to the truth of our Essential Self. The music creates an atmosphere of safety and trust, gently leading our awareness into a deep sense of joy, gratitude and freedom. The struggle of past limitations and beliefs, easily shifts, returning us to a depth of inner connection and conscious communion with the nature of all life. Through the Chakra Sound System, David Ison brings sacred ancient knowledge, together with the magic and mystery of sound vibration, a "must have" tool for conscious transformation, inner clarity and pathway for attuning our Soul contribution.Thank you David!


Excellent Choice for Childbirth, By Fire Dragon

Not to get to personal or graphic, but around midnight after about 20 hours of laboring to deliver my son (first baby), my homebirth midwife checked me and said that while I was almost fully dilated, there was just a thin lip of cervix left to go and that I was not to push- there was nothing to do but wait, relax and rest as much as possible. At this point my contractions were getting really intense, but the house was quiet as the midwife, her assistant and my husband and parents were all trying to catch a few winks before things really started happening. As I lay as still as I could next to my dozing husband, and tried to make my body as limp as possible, I started listening to the HypnoBirthing CD that I had been practicing with in the weeks before the birth (which is an excellent techinque, by the way) but at that point the spoken words just weren't working for me- I was getting upset and overwhelmed and needed something to listen to that would help me relax and breathe and focus, and actually accomplish the meditative state that I had been training for! What a profound relief it was to start playing the Key of D from the Chakra Sound System- I immediately was able to get into a very deep, focused, relaxed state in the midst of very strong contractions that lasted for at least a good hour until my water broke, it was time to push, and my son was born 45 minutes later. Listening to the key of D got me through what was probably the most intense and scary part of the labor- it was like a steady, supportive rope to hold tightly and follow along the path of delivering my baby through the roughest terrain. So glad I had the right thing at the right time


Sound healing magic, By Joann Webb

I began this sound healing journey with David with a bit of cautious optimism and thought at the least it would be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It has proven to me personally to be so much more powerful than I ever could have imagined. I'm sure it's different for everyone but for me it has gently moved and unblocked energy and opened me to deeper levels of my authentic self than I was consciously aware existed. So much has shifted for me in good ways in such a short period of time through listening, relaxing and receiving the music as it resonates and tunes my chakra system into balance and harmony, leaving me feeling completely at home within myself and more able to share my authentic self with the world. I feel it works on levels beyond what we are able to comprehend with the mind. By letting go and surrendering to the journey through all our senses, with David's gentle guidance we are welcomed back home to ourselves. Thank you David for sharing your beautiful gift with me and the world, it has been a blessing. ~ Joann


Sound Healing - Applied Science and Wisdom, By Sharon D. Montes "The Dancing Doc"

"Start by choosing to generate beauty, balance, freedom and unconditional love." I opened the book and started my journey with The Chakra Sound System by David Ison.

David's healing music has been woven into my work and home life for over 10 years. The Chakra Sound System, David's latest gift to the world, is an awesome distillation of David's mastery of sacred science and sound. This beautiful package offers you the combined power of words, sacred symbols, mudras, color and music. Whether beginner or advanced meditator, the Chakra Sound System supports your ability "celebrate the joy of incarnation and integration."

While many others use the words, "Chakra healing music", the Chakra Sound System DOES it. Unlike other systems that impose sound and rhythm on the mind/body, David's musical compositions are based on tones and rhythms that have been used for thousands of years to support our own innate ability to embody and circulate light. (Chakras are your own personal photon processing stations.) The CDs offer you fourteen word/music guided meditations and sixteen sessions of music that empower you to experience integration and balance in your chakras. You are gently invited to clarify your intention, organize your breathing and relax the body to allow the grace-filled unfolding of you as a manifestation of a powerful creative force.

Sometimes in the midst of chaos, noise and fatigue, I find it challenging to "choose to generate beauty, balance, freedom and unconditional love." This package makes the choice easier. On behalf of myself, my family, and my clients .....
THANK-YOU DAVID for the love and light generously shared and packaged in the Chakra Sound System

Sharon Montes, MD
Former medical director University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine Help other customers find the most helpful reviews


Stunningly Beautiful Transformational Music, By Matthew Cross "Leadership Alliance / Hoshin K... (Stamford, CT USA)

I have enjoyed David Ison's musical genius for many years. His talent for creating profoundly relaxing, healing and inspirational sonic landscapes is simply remarkable and must be experienced to be believed. The Chakra Sound System is Ison's latest gem, offering the listener multiple tracks within a delightful system for self-directed growth, integration and transformation. Highly recommended


Toungues of Sound, By Dr Jim Rice

"The Chakra Sound System" is without question David Ison's major work. It illustrates and transmits the power of David's genius, the power of what he calls "The Practice".

Ison has created sounds that stimulate us like no other. The music comes at our bodies as tongues of energy that massage and shower our chakras so specifically and so powerfully that their effect is simply irrefutable.

This work can deepen anyone's meditative practice or ease the non-meditator into regular practice. Artful, elegant, and intelligent, this creation is beautifully organized and presented. The package strongly predicts the product. The product is to be experienced to be believed.
Highly recommended!


The Chakra Sound System, By Susan Taylor

David Ison is a profound and sage teacher, having dedicated himself to one journey his entire life. For himself and for others, David works on the "inner sanctum of being" level. He inspires and invites the emergence of the essential self. Music is his field, his medium. Through the deep code and vibrational quality of music, David Ison develops an atmosphere that sets the wheels in motion for the essential self to emerge and reunite with awareness. He then holds the space for that union to get stronger so that it can exist


A powerful, complete meditation program for integration and ascension, By Leslee Goodman

There's a lot of "feel-good," New Age music out there, but David Ison's recordings take one to a most profound depth of being--and do so in a very short amount of time. Ison is the first composer to be medically recognized (in a three-year study by the NIH) as the creator of truly healing music. Strengthened by his own meditation practice, his compositions keep getting deeper, richer, and more effective. Just as tuning forks will synchronize themselves with the highest-frequency fork in the room, so listening to Ison's music increases one's own vibrational frequency so that you are literally vibrating with the Cosmos. In addition, the Chakra Sound System combines guided meditations for clearing, harmonizing, and integrating every chakra in the body, one by one, so that you move effortlessly into Alignment--with a capital A. Now you are ready to embody the JOY of incarnation because you are fully integrated into the wholeness and harmony of the Universe. This is an amazing product, system, method at an amazing price.


This changed my life, By Kenyon Taylor

David Ison's Chakra Sound System enabled us to contact inner realms in ourselves which previously had been difficult to access. I would highly recommend this system for anyone who is interested in integrating heart, mind, and spirit. You will be very happy you did. I have found this system to be extremely helpful for my clients and myself.

Thank you, David, for what you bring into the world of form.
Kenyon Taylor, RCST, Pre- and Peri-Natal Therapist


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