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The Chakra Sound System:
Harmonically Awaken Your Subtle-Body Energy System—and Your Life

David Ison's master work, the Chakra Sound System, is already being called "the bible of sound healing." The music and meditations in the programs take you to your Essential Self - easily, smoothly, lovingly - surrounding you with the power and the beauty of sound.

Going in deep, the Ison way:

For thousands of years people have been doing the exhilarating and, at times, difficult work of unlocking the energetic essences of the chakras. Many techniques involve rigorous breathing and meditation to bring the chakra essences forward, but very few of us have the time or the inclination to practice. In the CSS, this difficult inner work is made easier through specially designed music that brings your chakra essences into alignment. Through the simple act of intentionally listening, you can receive the inherent gifts of each essence.

Much more than beautiful music:

The universe is filled with sound and music. Born of a constant interplay between the forces of creation and love, the cosmic dance produces energies known as "essences" that bring forward all aspects of existence—including you. These creative, loving essences—the fabric of who you are—can be experienced through the use of intentionally designed music and meditation.

The Chakra Sound System is David Ison's complete music-based meditation system designed to help you access and embody the essences of the creative universe and of your essential self.

Based on years of research and sacred exploration, David's intentional music produces a profound resonance between your chakra energy body, your consciousness and the essences of creation. Combined with his guided meditations, this daily practice program will allow you to breathe into the beauty, the presence, and the experience of the specific essences of each of your seven chakras.

The exquisitely transcendent music of The Chakra Sound System makes this transformative daily meditation practice nearly effortless. Simply allow the music to guide your breathing and awareness as it activates and balances your energies, moving you beyond your intellect into an actual experience of the universal essences.

With the regular use and enjoyment of The Chakra Sound System, you'll harmonically awaken your subtle body energy system. You will learn to open to the celebration of life's journey. You'll begin to build a sense of gratitude for who you are and where you are in your life's unfolding, becoming more creatively confident and secure in your ability to make choices that are truly in alignment with the universe. And you'll open to your true essence and highest potential—the real you.

The CSS includes:

• 8 CDs with chakra-by-chakra guided meditations and 16 music tracks
• An in-depth 109-page study guide exploring the principles of the
chakras, David Ison's intentional music, and the meditation practices.
• Two "Harmonizers"—special thirty-minute journeys through your chakra energy body
• A set of fourteen Chakra Cards
• A set of seven Mudra Cards

Available now . . . to purchase, click on the store.

Level One: Celebrating the Joy of Incarnation
Level Two: Celebrating the Joy of Integration
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