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The CSS Cards: 
Bringing the practice into everyday life

Each morning, choose the chakra question card that corresponds with the energy center you’re working on at the moment. Carry the card with you throughout the day so you can easily take it out, look at it, and remind yourself of your chakra question.  Allowing the answer to come into your mind is a perfect way to clear the pathways for the Essential Self to speak directly to you.

The seven Mudra Cards show you specific, ancient, healing hand gestures known as mudras, which are used by healers, monks, and meditation practitioners across the world. These gestures capture and direct the body’s subtle energy. The Mudras selected for the CSS cards are effective in stimulating specific chakra essences. As you learn the mudras, you can use them anywhere—while you’re meditating to the music, sitting at your desk, lying in bed, or dropping off to sleep.

Level One: Celebrating the Joy of Incarnation
Level Two: Celebrating the Joy of Integration
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