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The Science of Sound: 
Vibration, Creation and Music

The Chakra Sound System gains its power and effectiveness through the application of an ancient Sacred Science and the Science of Sound.

Let me tell you a secret: Everything is vibrating; everything is pulsating with the sound of creation. The shimmering, ringing tones of vibration bring into being a simultaneous interplay between action, reaction, and the rising and falling waves of continuous constant change.

Thus, the process of creation unceasingly unfolds and the universe is born, all according to the physics and the Science of Sound.

The philosopher Pythagoras called this primordial sound “The Music of the Spheres.” Sacred Hindu texts refer to it as “The Nada Brahma, the Song of the One, the seed tone.”

The creative essence of the seed tone is indeed, in everything. Proportion, relationship, harmony, form and function, matter and energy are all shaped by the sounding of the sacred seed tone.

If you open your eyes and ears, you will see and hear these structures everywhere. Look at the leaf, listen to the wind, witness the entire universe in the Nautilus shell, or within your own mind. Discover the cycles of life and death, the seasons of the year and the presence of constant change.

All of this, all of existence, is a reflection of the essences of vibration and sound in motion.

Especially music.

Music is the essence of proportion, harmony, and relationship. Music sings the song of creation and tells the story of the never-ending cycles of growth and decay. Music is a way into our very souls and has been used as a vehicle for personal and planetary transformation for thousands of years.

I encourage you to explore the Science of Sound, as you explore the pathways to the Essential Self. Follow the instructions in the guidebook, do the meditations and let the music take you deeply into yourself. As you get to know both the program and your Essential Self, I hope you will begin your own exploration into the Sacred Sciences and the Science of Sound.

You’ll be glad you did.

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