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The Power of Enlightened Choice: 
Moving into Creative Consciousness

Along with celebrating your incarnation, and embracing integration, the CSS program is designed to inspire you to recognize, accept, and then to transform another powerful human essence: the power of choice.

The human power to choose, to create through our own decisions, to bring forward results that we have conceived simply in our own minds, is one of the most potent energy forms in the universe. When you use the CSS musical meditation programs and develop your practice, I personally guarantee you will open the door to your personal, creative power of enlightened choice.

Furthermore, you will step through these doors without doubt or fear blocking your way. You will come to know why you choose what you choose. You will become aware, secure, and happy within yourself, in full possession of an identity that will allow you to, at last, be able to make positive, responsible, life-affirming decisions. This possibility is built into the CSS program and practice.

We start by choosing to stop fighting and running away from our incarnation.

We choose to celebrate incarnation.
We choose to move into integration.
We choose to embrace the unity of all things.

At last, we choose to see the world, ourselves, and our place within it, as one big interconnected web of wondrous interrelationships, each piece of the fabric woven together and mutually supporting each other, each aspect of the fabric an equally important part of the whole, a system that encourages and sustains the continued evolution of ourselves and our world.

Then let’s get this party started!

David Ison
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