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Level Two: 
Celebrating the Joy of Integration

Level Two’s musical sessions build on the Level One experience. By grounding you in the practice of receiving, Level One creates the conditions for to you move into the deeper work of Level Two: receiving and integrating each chakra essence into your consciousness.

Level Two’s seven programs move you into integration—opening each chakra, releasing the essence that is waiting there, and creating the opportunity for the conscious embodiment of the essence itself. Level Two is a celebration of where you want to go: into integration and unification.

Would you like to experience the essence of the Throat Chakra’s pure expression? Meditate with Level Two’s Key of G and feel the essence of expression moving you toward speaking your truth.

Do you need to enhance your practice of developing a nonjudgmental perspective and open the gates to the essence of clarity and clear seeing? Calmly sit with Level Two’s Key of A and experience the Brow Chakra filling you with true vision.

In Level Two you are moving toward something, a deepening into the conscious embodiment of the chakra essences and the ultimate integration into wholeness.  Right here, right now.

Level One: Celebrating the Joy of Incarnation
Level Two: Celebrating the Joy of Integration
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