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After using the musical meditation programs in the CSS, it’s not unusual to need some clarity concerning issues that have come up during your work. Here are the answers to some questions users of the CSS regularly ask.

If you have any questions you would like answers to, please send them to and we’ll be happy to help.

Before we get to the questions, let me say this:

It’s all about CHOICE. Every time you answer a question, you are making a choice. The CSS practice is designed to help you develop your own unique, creative power of choice. Please always bear this in mind when you are doing the work of the program.

1. Having trouble letting go?

This is common circumstance when we begin to do truly deep transformational work. The aspect of consciousness that is stuck in the old way of thinking and operating, doesn’t want to let go of those habit patterns and will fight your attempts to do so. This battle of wills is normal and to be expected.

Two things:

Use your music! The musical meditations have been designed to make it easy for you to let go. The music creates a safe sound environment, a container for the older, dualistic and habitual aspects of your consciousness to shed the fear and doubts surrounding deep transformation.

So, just allow the music to work with you, work for you and very quickly you’ll find the Essential Self coming forward and the older dualistic aspect happily allowing that transformation to occur.

Next, welcome to the presence of the older, dualistic self into your mind and spirit. Don’t try to “drive it away.” Try and avoid judging this aspect of yourself. While you are meditating to the music, simply observe this presence within you and calmly, simply say: “Hello.”

If you can do this without fear and judgment clouding your own intentions, the older, dualistic aspect will no longer feel threatened and allow itself to be joined and complemented by the presence of the Essential Self.

This joining is one of the greatest benefits of the practice of  the CSS. You’ll feel this joining deeply every time it occurs.

2. Having trouble receiving the Essential Self?

Let’s start with the idea that listening is receiving. With this notion as your operating principal, start by receiving the beauty of the music.

Slowly begin to ask yourself the question that is associated with the program you are working with and as I say in the meditations, don’t try and answer the question, just sit quietly and receive.

By committing to this practice of sitting and receiving, you’ll find the answers to the question coming into your mind. And guess what?

The answers are coming from your Essential Self! You are already there.

3. Feel agitated after your session?

Along with feelings of deep calm, centeredness and fulfillment, the use of the techniques in the CSS practice will bring forward feelings of doubt, fear and other “unpleasant” sensations and emotions.

Similar to the welcoming of the dualistic, habitual aspect of our consciousness, these feelings are to welcomed, observed and incorporated into our awareness.

In one “land” the appearance and then the incorporation of these “negative” feelings is the point of the practice. Learning to allow these essences to come forward and not to run away from them is a big part of creating the Integration of the Consciousness.

Again use your music! It will help you relax and receive these emotions without the staggering, debilitating experiences that you have normally associated with their presence.

4. How do I carry the practice into everyday life?

The essences of receiving, listening, letting go, incorporating, joining and creating integration are all aspects of the practice that you carry with you throughout your daily life.

Every moment of every day will present you with challenges that are born of fear, doubt, anger, hatred, possessiveness, desire, jealously, just to name a few of the big ones.

The practice of the CSS teaches you how to allow for the presence of these essences to be present in such a way so you may experience them without their presence upsetting the “balance of your mind.”

You learn this through the practice of the daily meditations in your meditation room. The lessons you learn there, you bring out into the world around you.

5. My dreams are changing, is this a good thing?

Yes, this is a wonderful benefit you get from the use of the CSS. Try and spend some time with your dreams. Observe them while you are dreaming. Listen to what they have to say.

Dreams are one to the strongest places in your consciousness where the Essential feels safe in coming forward. Just let this happen and receive the information, you’ll be glad you did.

6. What key is good for me?

Think about the answer this way: where do you FEEL your deepest need at this moment? What are the issues that you feel are keeping you from achieving full unification?

Where do these issues live? In your inability to express yourself clearly? In your experience of the duality within the structure of relationship? In your lack of clarification as to your purpose?

Look carefully within yourself at questions like these and the answers will present themselves.

And read your guidebook! The answer to this question and many more like it are right there.

7. How often should I use the music?

You should use the particular program you have selected for as long it feels right. I know this is a very nebulous answer, however, if you are listening to your Essential Self, it will tell that it’s time to move.

Really….the Essential Self will let you know. Trust in this and wait and see.

David Ison
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